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Safari浏览器浏览器对HTML5的支持Safari浏览器支持HTML5音频和视频元素, 离线存储支持, 和其它HTML5功能使得它很容易为​​开发人员提供丰富的, 互动媒体体验在本机的浏览器, 专有技术,而不需要为. 支持HTML5的媒体网站可以提供丰富的, 互动媒体容易,因为他们提供的图像. Safari was the… Read More »

Safari 6更新了什么?

Safari 6更新了什么? Safari continues to support the latest web standards and technologies. New features in Safari 6 allow you to create audio for interactive web applications, tap into hardware-accelerated color effects, and keep users up-to-date with web notifications. Web Audio API With the Web Audio API, you can create and customize audio effects in interactive web… Read More »